Improve Your Computer Skills


Note: Following are some self instructional activities for applying the tools in various MS Office Packages. The exercises have been designed keeping in view the rules applicable in Government of India Offices.



MS Excel


  1. Select Data or Cells
  2. Merging Cells
  3. Simple Formulae (Calculate Pay and Allowances)
  4. Calculate Progressive Total
  5. Calculate Transport Allowance If Function
  6. Protecting Sheets
  7. Goal Seek
  8. About Filtering (Hand Out)
  9. Relative and Absolute Referencing (Hand Out)
  10. Calculate Age; Qualifying Service; Difference in age etc.
  11. Insert Chart (Multiple series)
  12. Filter Records
  13. Use a Pivot Table to analyse the Data
  14. Calculate your Income Tax
  15. More If Functions
  16. Rounding Off
  17. Sample Workbook


MS PowerPoint


  1. Best Practices for making an effective presentation
  2. Try this power point

MS Word


  1. Format Painter
  2. Creating a Template
  3. Creating Forms
  4. Creating Floating Table
  5. Page Numbering
  6. Creating Versions
  7. Mail Merging